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  1. What you should know about Website trust

    19 Oct 2015 ...  

    Website trust – is a very important concept in search engine optimization.

    Site trust – it’s kind of confidence to a site from search engines, which significantly affects the position of a site in search results. Trust doesn’t quantify (at least explicitly) and assigned to a domain, rather than individual pages.

    For example, a page hosted on Wikipedia may be in the top positions in search of a competitive query just if it is mentioned in a text (especially in title) of relevant keywords, in spite of the absence of any further promotion. If the same page has been placed on the low trust domain, such a result would have been impossible.

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    This behavior of the search engines due to the fact that the quality of search results is greatly influenced by reliability of information that users are require. Anyone can post on its website any information, to optimize a page, promote link weight and rely on high positions in the tops but whether the information posted on the page, credible and useful – that is the question.

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  2. How to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube

    19 Oct 2015 ...  

    All the factors can be divided into two main parts:

    • internal factors – content
    • external factors.

    Just like in SEO, where there are a number of internal (optimization), and external (promotion) factors.

    Internal factors – content

    Look at each point in detail:

    1. Name.

    It’s very important to prescribe the correct title of the video. If you have a video on a particular topic you can insert in Title desired keywords.

    This factor is one of the key, as well as for search engine promotion. After all, YouTube is a video search engine, and this project is Google. So when you add a new video it’s necessary to optimize Title or name correctly, that it will contain required or desired keywords and will be readable for users.

    2. Description

    Write a description for each uploaded video and use it for optimized text desired keywords. Description can be used with large enough text (200-400 characters). YouTube notes: the text in the description, as well as a keyword in it.

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  3. How to create effective landing pages

    19 Oct 2015 ...  

    Landing page – it’s a page that is created on a website specifically for people who come to this site for the first time. There are essential elements of successful landing pages.

    Getting on the homepage random visitors can’t always understand – what is the aim of such a site. So many webmasters create a special page where simple and accessible language explains offered opportunities and project’s mission.


    Before landing page construction you need to decide what the purpose of the page is. Phone calls, an application via email (these two goals can be used simultaneously), download documents, applying for free advice, newsletter subscription and so on. It helps landing to develop the structure, text make users act. That is, all the basic elements. That’s why you should start with the goal to implement exactly what you want.

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  4. Debunk myths: Social networks

    19 Oct 2015 ...  

    Social networks play an important role in the business world. Often, business owners or managers of industrial enterprises are simply overloaded with information about how to get ahead with the help of social networks.

    In this situation, it is interesting that work on the Internet is not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you ignore the various inessential detail and focus on some really important ways. Today we’d like to debunk some of the myths concerning to social media, which only complicate our life. But in fact they can be safely ignored.

    Myth number 1. It’s all about the numbers

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    The most common myth – that the success of social networks depends largely on the kinds of numbers – the number of friends, subscribers, the number of Likes, repost and shares, etc. At first glance it seems quite logical but it’s absolutely not true.

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  5. How to promote the industry sites

    11 Oct 2015 ...  

    Promotion of industry sites has its own specifics. Some methods are better for some sites (e.g., catalogs, websites and bulletin boards), and other ones – worse (for example, promotion of social networks).

    One of the main difficulties in promoting of industry sites is the problem to get natural and free links.

    Content of industry sites is interesting just to a narrow circle of specialists or small audience of potential customers, vendors and partners.

    So, there is a problem of industrial sites to get free and natural links. No one will put links to these sites (although it depends on the subject – e.g. if a man like a chainsaw or a drill he could write about this in his blog) deep down.

    Directories and bulletin boards

    In the field of industry sites catalogs and bulletin boards give a pretty good effect (as, for example, in medicine and construction).

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  6. 6 steps of SEO-copywriting

    09 Oct 2015 ...  

    What is SEO-copywriting?

    Imagine that your web site through which you sell products or offer services is already in the top positions in search engine for specific queries. Your potential buyer – search engine user – can be quite meticulous. He won’t stop his choice at the very first line of search results. It opens e.g top 5 sites and will choose.

    He will be surprised and perhaps disappointed when it turns out that the texts on the sites are the same, boring, outdated. User’s patience can quickly end. And suddenly on your site his attention attracted the title, clearly saying that “here’s what you’re really looking for.”

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    User scans the text as it’s easy to do since the main words on the page are highlighted and important features are in bulleted lists. With thanks for friendly text the reader will be focused on a paragraph. In this paragraph, in an easy accessible form is presented an interesting description of what he was looking with a few interesting facts.

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  7. 10 social networking etiquette rules

    08 Oct 2015 ...  

    Today, social networks have become in some ways resemble the wild, wild west: While most of us understand the basic provisions of etiquette in a real relationship, we still need to agree on what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is not in our virtual lives.

    Suggest you read, learn, and remember 10 major rules of how to behave in the online space. And together we can get out social media of slander cesspool, trolling and vulgarity.

    1. Do not tell your friends too much

    Social networks “open” a window into the lives of our friends and sometimes, this window shows us much more than we want to see. All your friends don’t need to know every step of your child, all the details of your diet, hygiene, what are you doing in the bathroom, gym or in cinema. Leave a little personal space for yourself.

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