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  1. Determining the Quality of a Backlink

    24 Jul 2015 ...  

    Anyone who understands SEO also understands that obtaining good backlinks (links to your site from other sites) is a critical success factor if you want a site to rank well. That is because each link to a site is essentially a popularity vote for the site.

    At one time, “a link was a link” and every link to a site scored equally well and added to the ranking ability for the site. Today, the quality of a link is a very important factor, especially with Google. There are certain inheritance factors that are passed from the linking site to the receiving site with each link. This is commonly referred to as “link juice” by SEO professionals.

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  2. Retain Web Traffic By Enhancing Website Usability

    14 Jul 2015 ...  

    One of the most effective things that a webmaster can do to increase the profitability of their website is to enhance the user experience so as to invite them to stay on-site longer.

    High bounce rates dilute the ability of a website or sales page to sell products and services to a visitor. For this reason, anything and everything that can be done should be done so as to effect a user experience that is as comfortable and informative as possible.

    So, what are some of the main items to consider when designing a website that begets a user friendly experience? There are numerous ones, but here are a few.

    Tag Lines And By Lines

    One of the most important aspects of a website is it’s tag line or by line. The tag line is the brief description of a website’s purpose or scope that is, in many cases, found just beneath the title of the website. This tag or by line is usually located in the website header. Ideally, the header information would be located on every page of the website and have a consistent appearance throughout. This is very important due to the fact that not all traffic comes to a website through the home page. Rather, it comes through whatever landing page it finds first which more often than not is via organic search results. In this regard, consistency is key.

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  3. Website Usability – An SEO Necessity

    14 Jul 2015 ...  

    Website Usability – An SEO Necessity – I was working on a website for a local restaurant client this morning and as a user of the site as well as it’s webmaster, I find myself continually making tweaks and changes to it as I do with all of the websites I launch.

    Additionally, as with every website I launch, I find myself digging into the code it-self, adding widgets and whatever else so as to make the user experience as friendly as possible.

    Why is this important? Simple. User experience matters. It matter tremendously and it is part of the branding of that business.

    I have seen and used websites of fortune 300 companies that look and feel like they were designed by first-graders, i.e. poor website usability. No offence to first-graders being that their webmaster skill are still in their infancy, but honestly, there is absolutely in no way, shape or form any excuse for this.

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  4. How To Seriously “Drop The Hammer” On Stolen Content

    14 Jul 2015 ...  

    This short blurb is for all of my hard-working fellow bloggers out there who get their content stolen or scraped by black hat bloggers who can’t write for themselves.

    Interestingly, I have found in life that individuals who do not want to work hard for a living, work harder trying to avoid work than they do if they just did the work.

    That being said, I would like to point out that is you submit your article to article directories, this does not apply to your because once you submit any article to an article directory, you are giving the directory and visitors full re-publishing rights to your content PROVIDED they keep the resource links in tact.

    However, if you are a blogger and you have not submitted your content to any article directories and yet you still find it sitting on someone else’s website word for word, then you can turn up the heat more than they ever thought possible as they we coding their scraper…LOL!

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  5. Why You Need to Edit Your Blog Posts

    14 Jul 2015 ...  

    Editing your blog posts is of the utmost importance. However, very few people actually edit their blog articles before they post them. Perfect shows attention to detail and high-quality work.

    It is not good enough if you just have good ideas. You need to be able to express those ideas well. The expression is a close second to the ideas themselves. It is generally a good idea, if possible, to have another person edit your content in addition to you. As good as the writing may be, the writer will inevitably miss something in his or her blog content because he or she knows what the content is supposed to say and may miss errors.

    The following are important reasons why you need to edit your blog postings:

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  6. How To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings By Using Web Video

    13 Jul 2015 ...  

    Videos from YouTube have been frequently impacting the Page 1 search results on search engines like Google. What this means is, video results are appearing more and more in the top sections of the search results and as a result, those videos are enjoying a very healthy dose of traffic from it.

    Web video content seems to be leapfrogging all those trying to get to the top search engine spots and that is why more and more marketers are including web video in their marketing strategies. The following article explores how you can do the same for your brand or business no matter your size or niche.

    1. Optimize The Written Content Available On Hosting Sites

    When you’re putting your web video onto the Internet you’ll be doing so through hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Such sites offer great SEO opportunities by allowing you to fill in text fields with written content relevant to your website or niche. Fill in available titles, tags and descriptions with the keywords and phrases you’re trying to compete for in the search engine rankings.

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  7. What Is Video Marketing?

    12 Jul 2015 ...  

    Video marketing is an emerging tactic used by online companies to promote their products and services. With video marketing a digital video is produced and submitted to one or more video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, PhotoBucket and others. The sites provide a platform for displaying your video along with thousands of others.

    Online videos can convey a marketing message in a similar fashion to television media, so it is something that people are familiar with. The effectiveness of static text ads and image ads on the web is declining because users quickly learn to “tune out” most static advertising, but videos tend to draw users in and increases the “stickiness” of a site and users spend more time on the site looking for additional interesting videos.

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  8. Using WordPress To Build a Business Web Site

    11 Jul 2015 ...  

    There is no question that WordPress is the most popular blogging software. Thanks to a very active development team, WordPress has stayed ahead of the competition and has added more features than any other blogging platform.

    But WordPress has evolved into something much more than just blogging software. It has become a very easy-to-use content management system (CMS) platform.

    What is Content management systems ?

    Content management systems offer a full range of web page management and editing tools that make the management of a content-based web site something that anyone can easily manage without having to deal with web site designers and developers on a regular basis. With a CMS, you can build a web site with minimal ongoing expense.

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  9. Choosing the Best Domain Name For Your Web Site

    10 Jul 2015 ...  

    Choosing the best domain name for a web site is a task that should be taken very seriously. The choice you make can be a critical success factor that can either help boost your traffic significantly or prevent users from finding your web site.

    The first thing to consider is the strategy you wish to pursue when choosing a domain name. A strategy is a goal. It is what you wish to achieve with the web site. Are most Internet users familiar with your company name or your product or service brands names? This is an important first question to ask because it can help determine the best strategy.

    There are two basic strategies for selecting a domain name. You can either look for a name that’s good for branding or a keyword rich domain. Each serves a different purpose.

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  10. Why Is Content King? Who Is Your Audience?

    10 Jul 2015 ...  

    Why Is Content King?

    Well, that’s a reasonable enough question.

    Content writing goes back about as far as advertising itself does. It’s evolved, it’s developed as times have changed, but it’s still the bread and butter of the advertising world.

    And when it comes to websites, you can have good web presence, you can have your keywords nailed down and have your site optimized within an inch of its life, you can have every search-engine-friendly angle covered, you can have splashy graphics and images, a great product or service, killer Flash animation, but there’s still one make-or-break element:


    If you’ve been out on the internet for very long, you’ve undoubtedly run across some horrible Content. Clumsy writing, calls to action that aren’t persuasive on the slightest. And that’s not even mentioning or considering the grossly misspelled and poorly punctuated Content that’s out there (nothing will torpedo your credibility quicker than that among educated users…but more on that later). So let’s break it all down a little more.

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  11. 10 ways to get organic traffic to website

    07 Jul 2015 ...  

    To give the website traffic a boost is very essential for all those business which have an online presence. It the traffic which is directly proportionate to the profit of the company. Thus more the traffic more is the profit. To get the maximum traffic there are some strategies which the website makers need to follow.

    There are snapshots for such ten organic traffic uplift ideas which are a must follow more most busines:

    1. Analysis and identification of links – links a part of every website

    There are single clicks to a particular address. It is important that identification and analysis of the links are carried out. When building the links the best kinds of tools should be used. The methods and the tools of link building must be superior ones. Mostly it is the free ones which do not provide effective results. Using the best tools for link development is a great way to attract traffic. Some effective tools are the Majestic SEO paid tools and the Google Webmaster link tools.

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  12. Which of these Services are right for your company: SEO, PPC or Social Media

    07 Jul 2015 ...  

    Which of these services are right for your company: SEO, PPC & Social Media, if this is the question you are wondering about then you have come to the right place where you can resolve your query. After having spent a considerable amount of time in the field of link building and search engine optimization field we believe SEO, PPC & Social Media are three different pillars of Internet marketing and to gain maximum benefits from your internet marketing efforts all these three aspects of marketing should be used and leveraged.

    All these three aspects of Internet Marketing are complementary to each other and avoiding any of these could not be beneficial for your business.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is the way through which the website and blogs are optimized so that search engines could find your web pages conveniently without any hassle. It involves modifying the HTML, CSS and Java script codes of the website. Link building is one of the parts of Search Engine Optimization where we create backlinks for the website so that search engine bots find your website in the World Wide Web without any hassle.

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  13. One Incredibly Easy Way to Get Backlinks Free (Thousands of Them!)

    05 Jul 2015 ...  

    Get backlinks free with this easy method that few people take advantage of.

    If you have looked around our site, the one thing that you will know is that backlinks are important in determining both your Google Pagerank and your website ranking.  They are not just slightly important, they are VERY important.

    So far we have covered many different methods to get backlinks:

    Today we are going to present a new one; get backlinks free with your own WordPress theme.

    Get Backlinks Free: WordPress Themes

    WordPress themes are free to download and thousands of WordPress users set up new sites each day.  If you are able to incorporate your URL into one (or more) of these WordPress themes then you can get back links for free by your URL placed in the footer for every single new site that is generated using your theme.  Not bad huh?

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  14. 10 fantastic offline marketing strategies

    05 Jul 2015 ...  

    Offline marketing strategies are often as important as web search optimization when it comes to getting traffic to your site.  Today I want to share some more practical ideas for promoting your website offline.  True to my word, here are 10 fantastic offline marketing strategies…

    1. Give stuff away.

    Send a truckload of sandwiches to office staff that work within a target market.  Wrap the sandwiches with a wrapper that advertises your website.  Looking to sell clothes to students?  Send an ice cream van to a local university campus and give out free ice cream at lunchtime.  Brand the cones and the van itself with your website URL.  You get the idea?  Probably best to ask permission first!

    2. Rubber-stamp it.

    Get a stamper from an office supply firm with your website URL and logo on it.  Stamp all letters and envelopes when you send mail.

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  15. What is Google’s Pagerank and Why Should You Care?

    05 Jul 2015 ...  

    Google’s PageRank should not be confused with page rank… but what exactly is it?

    Google’s PageRank is an algorithm (a set of specific rules) that is used to denote how important a website page is. Note that we said website page, not website. The algorithm was named after Larry Page, who developed the rules with Stanford University colleague Sergey Brin. The system was developed in response to a long-standing issue that search engines faced. Historically they had ranked a site according to key word density. However, many web developers abused this and simply loaded a web page with lots of keywords for web search optimization at the detriment of the customer/user experience. Google started to become more concerned with backlinks.

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  16. Nofollow Dofollow, Which One is Your Blog?

    03 Jul 2015 ...  

    Nofollow, Dofollow are HTML tags (rel=”NoFollow”/re=”DoFollow”) that instruct search engines how to treat links posted on a page when they crawl it.  Search engine spiders index pages as they crawl the web and if they come across a new link they will start to include that in their search results.  However, if a link has the NoFollow tag they will ignore it and the backlinks will not count towards your website incoming link total and will therefore not help your web search optimization or Google SEO.

    The problem with the NoFollow, DoFollow attributes is that they can’t be seen on a website without checking the code.  It is therefore very easy for people to waste their time posting hundreds of comments that will have no impact on their search engine rankings because the links are ignored.

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  17. How to Convert Traffic into Real Customers?

    02 Jul 2015 ...  

    When it comes to converting the traffic on the site into real customers, it is the website which comes into the sharp focus. Right from the pages where the visitors land to the final stage of buying of products or services, it is the design elements of the website which determine how successful you would be in the conversion of traffic into customers. It shall be understood that conversion optimization needs to be done through the three generally observed phases of visitor behavior on the website. These three stages are of coming on to the landing page, exploring the other parts of the site and finally of getting into the order processing cycle.

    The Landing Page

    For the search engine marketers, designing an effective landing page is one of the most essential tasks. You have got to think of the right keywords which are being promoted for that landing page and need to get into the mindset of the visitors who would be visiting the landing page using those keywords. Why this reading of the mind of visitors is important is because you will have to incorporate all those elements, features, services or offers in the landing page which the visitors would be expecting by visiting that page. Further, you also need the visitors to act in some specific way and therefore the call to action statements shall be visible clearly to them. The call to action shall be directed in such a way that puts the visitors in the buying cycle or the ordering process.

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  18. Optimizing images for the web

    02 Jul 2015 ...  

    Optimizing images for the web is something that people rarely do well and constantly overlook.  Get one step ahead of your competition by improving your images for web search optimization.

    Optimizing images and Google SEO

    Optimizing images for the web is a critical element of good Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and failing to correctly use the ALT attribute in your photographs and pictures will mean that you lose a valuable opportunity to improve search ranking.  ALT is short for alternative and the alternative text, or ALT attribute, is what a site would show if the image couldn’t be displayed.

    Why you should optimize images for the web.

    Alt \for Image#1. It is a basic requirement of HTML that all images are accompanied by ALT text. Even if you do not want to include any words about the image you need to insert a null ALT tag: <” “>

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  19. Blogging Secrets: Ways to Generate Leads With Blogging!

    01 Jul 2015 ...  

    I’ve got some incredible blogging techniques for you to assist you Generate leads

    You’ve determined to produce an earnings from house blogging. What I ‘d like to share with you are a few blogging tricks on how to generate leads without paying a penny. Let’s obtain you begun by learning exactly how to create cost-free leads.


    Here’s something that you have to bear in mind as we discuss this, and that is the 3 C’s of advertising. We would like to …

    • Create Additional Web traffic
    • Capture More Leads
    • Convert Leads into Sales

    Now ideal method to get begun is to have a blog website that commands and rates well in the search engines which would take care of all three of those. The moment you get that, it depends on you to develop convincing content to obtain this started. (tip … hint … Blogging Secrets).

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