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  1. Most brands upload videos to Facebook bypassing YouTube

    18 Jan 2015 ...  

    Now brands upload more videos directly to Facebook, bypassing YouTube. This is according to market research firm Socialbakers.

    The rapid growth of the use of social network Facebook brands to post a video was observed in October. Native  videos on Facebook caught up the YouTube  in the number of messages and surpassed in terms of interaction.

    In a short time the number of video messages on Facebook has surpassed that of the YouTube. Marketers now prefer to use video to Facebook, and the trend seems to be gaining momentum.

    The Socialbakers analyzed more than 180,000 video-messages on Facebook on 20 thousand of brand’s pages , media companies, celebrities and entertainment companies, and got incredible results.

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  2. Facebook begin to warn users about the nature of graphic materials on this site

    16 Jan 2015 ...  

    Facebook begin to notify users about the nature of the materials that are marked as graphics. The innovation is intended to ensure informed consent of users to view them. The company also plans to restrict access to such content for users aged 13-17 years.

    Over the past two years Facebook has demonstrated different approaches with respect to the graphic content on the site.
    In 2013, the social network obeyed wave of public outrage, online petitions and harsh criticism from users and decided to ban the graphic video beheading women that have been circulating on the site.

    Several months later, Facebook changed its attitude towards this issue. The company lifted its ban on the above video and thus introduced a new policy governing the content of this kind.

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  3. Yandex Services completed the transition to HTTPS

    16 Jan 2015 ...  

    Yandex.Webmaster Team reported the completion of the transition  Yandex services on secure protocol HTTPS.

    Yandex Webmaster

    Yandex Service  every day becoming more reliable. This also applies to services for webmasters. Most of them are now available only via HTTPS, and the same is true for all API Yandex. In the near future access by HTTP is closed even for API, where it remains.

    Webmasters are strongly encouraged to make sure that the data exchange with the services of Yandex, in particular through the API Webmasters and XML-search , it takes over HTTPS.

    Recall in August 2014 Google announced that starting in test mode, consider using HTTPS on the site as a signal for ranking.

    “We have already seen the first positive results from the use of the HTTPS protocol sites. That’s why we decided to analyze the use of HTTPS on the website and consider this factor as a signal ranking.

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  4. IBM topped again the rating companies that received the highest number of patents per year

    16 Jan 2015 ...  

    Agency IFI Claims Patent Services has published the rating company registered the highest number of patents in the United States in 2014.

    IFI Claims Patent tracks on technological inventions. Rating again led the corporation IBM – already in the 22 th time.

    In comparison with 2013 year the list of leaders remained the same: for IBM follow Samsung Electronics, Canon, Sony and Microsoft.

    It is worth noting that Google and Apple significantly improved their position in the list, compared with rivals. Google in 2014 received a patent in 2566 – almost 39% more than in 2013.

    This allows the company rose from eleventh place on the list in eighth.

    Apple has climbed from thirteenth to eleventh place, having received in 2014 a patent in 2003 – a 13% increase compared to the previous year.Apple Company

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  5. On Google AdSense again sued for non-payment of advertising revenue

    14 Jan 2015 ...  

    Super Cray, publisher site , filed a lawsuit against the service Google AdSense.

    The plaintiff claimed that Google has suspended his account with AdSense in the day when he was to receive a large amount of advertising payments.Supercraycray

    According to the Super Cray, after receiving several written assurances of Google that the company’s announcement in AdSense established and functioning in accordance with the policy of the service, it has invested more than $ 300 thousand.

    In content promotion, for the most part to Facebook, to drive traffic to site.

    The lawsuit, filed in US District Court of Northern California, argues that Super Cray has been credited with 535 thousand. Advertising revenue in AdSense, which should have been paid to the company’s October 21, 2014.

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  6. Google’s accounts Catches up the Facebook by the Number of Registrations on the Website

    12 Jan 2015 ...  

    Google in the fourth quarter of 2014 increased the proportion of Internet users who carry out an authorized entry to third-party sites through its accounts.

    It is only 3 points higher than the share of Google – 40% (6 percentage points). The difference between Facebook and Google shares hit a low for the last three years.

    Q4 2014 social login

    Vice President of Marketing JanRain Beklend Jamie (Jamie Beckland) believes that Google achievement can be attributed to the efforts of the company to unify user identity in all products, such as Gmail, YouTube, Android and Google+.

    At the same time, Facebook in 2014, faced with problems related to data confidentiality.

    This could contribute to the transition of some users in other service due to lack of understanding of how their data will be used.

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  7. How to Choose a Company on Site Promotion?

    08 Jan 2015 ...  

    After creating the site, you need Activities his promotion and search engine. Many companies are willing to work for your money, but how to choose a company? In this article we consider the basic factors that you should pay special attention.

    How to Choose an SEO firm to Promote Your Site?

    There are three factors to which the client should pay special attention when choosing a company on site promotion.

    #1. The List of services provided.

    A good company should be for at least two years to do all the necessary quality that you need.The company should develop a work plan and tell what it will be engaged in not hiding it.

    #2.Qualified staff.

    You need to properly check the qualifications of the firm: Portfolio employees, customer reviews, certifications, and participation in various competitions.

    #3. Comfort work or chat with the manager.

    Personal communication, the main factor of successful work. If you find it hard to find a common language with the contractor, change it.

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  8. Tips to Optimize Site Content by Western Experts

    08 Jan 2015 ...  

    Optimizing the content on the site, you need to pay attention to how the audience and for the search engines.

    But here’s how to find the balance that would please both people and search engines? In this article we will discuss tips otpimizatsii content from Western professional seo optimizers.

    Tips Professional Seo-Optimizers to Optimize Content

    Alan Bleyveys (SEO-consultant)

    Whatever you do for the promotion must abide by: quality, relevance, credibility, uniqueness and trust. Pay special attention to credibility and trust. Do not focus on one thing (buying links, keywords, etc.). Aim your energy, effort and resources in different directions.

    Eric Enge (Managing Director of Stone Temple Consulting)

    Do such content that will satisfy the needs of users. As well as spend a semantic analysis of the subject you are interested, that would understand and determine the direction of the content. In this case, you will be able to draw up a page title.

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  9. Is it Possible to Promote the Site Without Money?

    08 Jan 2015 ...  

    No. One could stop here, but you will probably want to hear arguments:)

    What do we need money? Domain I even considered not going to – 3$ it’s not serious.

    To start, you need a server. And it is not some kind of shared hosting, but at least VPS. It will cost about 120 $ a year for mediocre vps with 400 MB RAM. If you have the skills to administer, it is possible to save money on web hosting control panel (although many of her and so give free).

    If you take a Dedicated Server, you will have to pay 50-100$ just for the installation.

    We are known to live in the era of post-modernism, all invented before us. Therefore, we must somehow stand out from the crowd of competitors and most obvious way – to order a unique design.

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  10. 9 Usability Attributes and Their Use

    05 Jan 2015 ...  

    The importance of an active presence on the Internet grows exponentially. Companies should follow his audience in digital-space and provide her with the most efficient operation online.

    However, the creation of the site – that’s not all. You must pay the maximum attention of their audience, the process of its interaction with the site and how you can influence it. Using the 9 attributes of usability, described in this article, everyone will be able to present content so that it is possible to satisfy users.

    9 usability attributes:

    • Studying
    • Efficiency and effectiveness
    • Low error rate and stability thereto
    • Satisfactory
    • Practicality
    • Control and flexibility
    • Custom features
    • Context and purpose
    • Interface and Design

    These attributes are required to optimize the usability of the site and the creation of the target audience the best experience.


    This attribute is related to how quickly and easily you can study the functional of the site. If visitor can not learn to navigate, or he can not interact with the functional of the site, studying is low. An example of the failure of this attribute is a situation where the user can not find a product category or section. To successfully use this attribute, it is important to make your website very simple. Too many response signals, navigation and images may distract the user from what to do and where to go. For some types of sites complexity are unavoidable. But with the correct operation of the structure, they may still be simplified. The site Ebay in the US navigation easy to understand and learn. All news and events depicted in the background and a diversionary content is lower and does not interfere with the visitor to understand the functionality.

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  11. How Market of Internet Marketing Reacted to the Growing Crisis

    05 Jan 2015 ...  

    The main topic of the press conference in RBC, which took place in late December with Igor Ashmanov (Ashmanov and partners) and Herman Klimenko (, was the crisis and its impact on the market for Internet marketing.

    Igor Ashmanov talked about how to change the market of contextual advertising, social media and search engines in 2014.

    How to Develop Contextual Advertising in 2014

    • Evolution toward automation, remarketing fees and transaction costs.
    • The emergence of high-frequency advertising – RTB, analogue exchange robots. Win more players.
    • Frodo sklikivanie, robots, up to 50% of false impressions and clicks.
    • The shift of the users and the mobile advertising sector.
    • Domination of Google advertising on mobile devices.

    Bots in 2014

    • Cancel links by Yandex. Yandex announced that overturned the links, but actually did this or not canceled in all topics. This immediately led to the emergence of new types of spam.
    • Climbing sites. One of the new types of spam have become kvazisayty the fake reviews. There are companies that make a year 40-50 such sites a year. In addition to advertising ways to earn the business connected with blackmail – for to remove bad reviews about the company, the owners ask for money.
    • Cheat behavioral factors.
    • Possible sunset reference exchanges. (In fact, we do not know, there’s a sunset or not).
    • Accelerating the shift algorithms.
    • Changing the ranking factors.
    • Need a new «SEO».
    • The shift of audiences and advertisers in social networks.
    • Consolidation in the market, the extinction of small businesses. Closes small and medium-sized businesses and their buying.

    Social Networks in 2014

    • Huge information noise. Fakie. This trend is this year – a huge flow of fakes. Information is thrown, then published a retraction. Fakes are read by millions of people and their exposure, no one interested.
    • Field of information warfare. Ukraine is 70-80% of all the news in social networks.
    • Absolute leader mentions Putin and Medvedev.
    • Stuffing. Distribution network, with a bunch of media.
    1. In online media occurred disclaimer – publish information without checking its authenticity;
    2. Many online publications refused objective information and choose sides.
    3. Often, they are engaged in money stuffing of social networks.   Getting into the fake media becomes a fact (in the minds of people, published in the publication / newspaper – the truth), then returns to the social networks have as accurate information;
    4. And a new phenomenon on the Web – a quasi-media that are used to create a wave of information and allow you to quickly pick up the story you want to Yandex news.
    • An army of robots. The new humanoid – innovation this year. Pumped boots that are created to work for many years.
    • The growth of targeted advertising.
    • Automation. Monitoring.
    • Offset marketing to PR.
    • Formation of reputation management services over the past year and a half.
    • State intervention. Threats of closure Twitter and Facebook.

    Facebook and Twitter as a platform beyond the control of the state can really be closed in the future, if there is a real threat to use them as a tool for organizing violent change of the current government. In terms of monitoring and reputation management in social networks will be a significant loss of Twitter, as this platform is now the most convenient for rapid response to negative, tracking the dynamics of the interests of the Internet audience, as well as the analysis of vectors of dissemination.

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  12. Google Ranked the Most Popular Categories for your AdWords

    04 Jan 2015 ...  

    Google has made the popularity ratings categories of ads in AdWords for Q3 2014. Unfortunately, the specific percentages were not disclosed.

    But even without them, the rating gives food for thought about the state of affairs in the market of contextual advertising.

    So, in the top 3 of the most interesting topics users were “Shoes”, “Clothing” and “Accessories”. Perhaps the reason for this – the transition from summer to fall and winter wardrobe. In addition, users pay attention to contextual advertising categories “Tourism”, “Loan Programs” and “Real Estate”.

    Top 10 most popular categories of the third quarter of 2014 is as follows:

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  13. Lightboxes from Google are Available to all AdWords Advertisers

    04 Jan 2015 ...  

    Interactive ads from Google as Lightboxes now available to all advertisers Google AdWords. Scope – all segments of the market, working with video.

    Promotional video played on a media player Lightbox, which can be clicked or just hover. In the latter case, the video raskhlopyvaetsya 2 seconds and is shown on top of the search results page.

    “Smart raskhlopyvanie” – one of the main differences between this format of interactive advertising.

    Google representatives have reported that the results of this test reduced the number of random raskhlopyvany 100%, and the degree of user involvement has increased by 6-8 times.

    Thus, brand advertising will be able to see only interested users.

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  14. Google: Penguin Gradually Approaching the System Continuously Updates

    04 Jan 2015 ...  

    From the moment Google has rolled out an algorithm Penguin 3.0 in mid-October of this year, a series of updates and discussion continues. Barry Schwartz, founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and the editor of Search Engine Land, asked Google, what is connected with such activity in the run-up to the festive season.
    On a team of search engine
    reply as follows:

    The last big update still rolls, but in fact there will not be any distinct end point, as Penguin gradually approaching the system of continuous updates. The idea is to continue to optimize the working procedure.

    Sam Barry Schwartz believes that Google just started to look for and apply the new settings of the algorithm faster than accustomed SEO-experts. Probably so searcher simply configures and tests under real conditions algorithm.

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