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  1. What are the main changes in Yandex Direct 2014

    29 Dec 2014 ...  

    Hello today I want to sum up the year and remember the main changes and innovations in the popular services of Internet advertising. Today we gonna look on Yandex.


    The team announced the Yandex.Direct total purse for different advertising campaigns.


    Yandex posted a new set of recommendations to the ads, taking into account existing legislative restrictions on medical services. According to the ban in the Yandex.Direct ads advertising of medical organizations and their ongoing kinds of medical activity not to be mentioned:

    • any names of specific health services;
    • words that can explicitly specify the services;
    • the name of the medical equipment;

    The service has a new automated strategy “average conversion price”, which allows you to get the maximum number of targeted visits to the site for a given purpose in Moscow. In Yandex.Direct announced new features single bulk load of negative keywords. In xls-file upload and download data included the line “negative keywords on the company” and column “negative keywords at the ad/group.” Now you do not need to register a negative keyword phrases for each ad, but you can just point them once.

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  2. How to Make a Good Group in Social Network Vkontakte

    27 Dec 2014 ...  

    Everyday  a lot of Internet users have an interest in the social network “Vkontakte”, because it can send instant not just messages, but also create their own community.Many people have already managed to create a lot of bands and unleash them to a certain level. Beginners also have to learn all over again, in order to gain a specific audience for the band in the future, it was very popular and loved all people.

    In fact, here there is nothing hard, you just need to stick with smart tips and advices, the most important thing is to show interest and set an aim.

    How to create a group in social network Vkontakte?

    To begin with, you will need to create the beginning of the group itself. There is also no big deal, so go to the “My Groups” and then press the button “Create a new group”.Also, you must write the name of the group, also try to make it in the name of the group a brief description.The name itself by and large does not mean anything, you can register it with different symbols, the main thing that description was beautiful and well made up, or you are afraid of losing subscribers.

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  3. What is Hosting and How to Choose It

    26 Dec 2014 ...  

    Hello all, in this article we will talk about Hosting, how to choose and presents it.

    When you did not have big problems, did not create enormous projects, you did not yet have high visited, then to you it can show oneself that all of it very simply. However, if your business is perspective, then he necessarily will begin to broaden, and the amount of your visitors will go across a line, and then your web-site simply will begin to be failed and give the failures of different kinds.

    So that, before to create something clever, it is necessarily needed first of all to look after your hosting. Hosting must be very reliable, and access and speed must be as never stable, for example as a php mysql hosting.Choice of hosting A project that will have problems with access can not collect even and minimum visited.

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  4. Stable Business with Google Adsense

    25 Dec 2014 ...  

    As we all know perfectly, earnings on a context advertisement are consideredery advantageous.

    And in order that to be determined what service of context advertisement to choose, then it is first needed to know pluses and minuses of both services, this Google Adsense and Yandex Direct.

    No, certainly there is a heap of another ways on this time, but today we with you will consider only these two. So, let us understand one after another, why exactly Google Adsense, but not Yandex Direct.

    In the first I will say at once, that to work with service of Google Adsense far simpler and easier, than with service from the searching system Yandex.

    In order that your web-site was simply accepted in Yandex Direct, then you necessarily need that he answered their criteria. For example, your web-site must necessarily have visited no less, what 300 persons in twenty-four hours, if for you on a web-site the visited less than, then nothing for you to turn out. Also there is a great number of other factors your web-site must answer that.

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