10 tips to increase Website traffic

In the field of internet marketing, web site traffic is considered as the life of each business. Website Traffic is a measurement of the people who view a website. It can be calculated daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Traffic is like money to a bank, if a bank doesn’t have any money it’s not really a bank and it is unable to operate without money. What is a website with no one visiting; When you are scouting for a good source of income through running a website, then you should always keep in the mind the significance of methods to increase website traffic.

Some of the ways by which the website traffic of a website can be increased or a website can be advertised are:

#1 – Post Quality and Regular Content.

The most essential ways to Increase Website Traffic is related to your blog content. As far as the blog content is concerned, it should have the following two qualities: Always post Quality Content and  Post your Content Regularly. Regular posting results in good search engine linking and Quality Posting assures your loyal visitors.

#2 – Create a Powerful Social Media Strategy.

Social Media Strategy is the major weapon in success of a site. Social Media Sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. are some Must-To-Post websites. KEY : The more you use Social Media to get your website more traffic, the more quickly you make your blog renowned to the world!

#3 – Guest Blogging.

It is a great way to generate free traffic – all you have to invest is the time to write an article. Get in touch with themost popular blogs in your industry and ask if they’ll let you write a guest post.

#4 – Link Bait.

The idea of “link bait” refers to creating content that is so extremely useful or entertaining it compels people to link to it.

#5 – Website Theme & Loading Time.

Nice presentation of website design and faster loading are the two factors which assure the number of loyal visitors to your blog. If your blog has a scary look and navigation is difficult, your visitors will start neglecting your website even if it appeared in Google search page one.

#6 – Article Marketing.

Promoting your websites by publishing articles to various article directories is by no means a new idea but still an extremely effective way to drive traffic.

#7 – Add & Optimize Social Media Sharing Buttons.

Another way to increase website traffic is to add Social Media Sharing buttons allow your visitors, as well as you to share your stuff on Social Media. These buttons are added to many blogs. But the correct placement of the buttons is what matters. Key: Try to add the buttons on the eye-catching spots.

#8 – Emailing.

Place a subscription box in your blog and ask your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. This helps them to know about your blog updates directly from their inbox.

#9 – Run a Giveaway.

A single giveaway can change your blog life. You should manage it well with strict rules. As a part in giveaway ask participants to like, follow, tweet, subscribe etc. because they helps to increase website traffic in future.

#10 – Search Engine Optimization.

Improve search engine ranking by focusing your content on keywords related to your topic. This is called search engine optimization and will help people find your website when they’re searching the Web.

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