10 Quick Tips to Creating the Most Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook offers a platform for all businesses, where companies can start a targeted ad campaign to promote their products and services without risking a lot of time and money investment.

The ads are displayed to Facebook users while they browse through this site to lead new fans to a Facebook page, attract more users to see certain posts and direct viewers to their business websites to turn them into potential new customers.

Here are 10 quick tips that enable a successful ad campaign in facebook:

Step #1: Log into Your Facebook Account

After you log in, click Create an Ad in the dropdown menu next to the Home button to open the page called Advertise on Facebook.

Step #2: What You Want to Advertise

Next, Facebook will ask where you want to link your ad to. You can direct users to a Facebook page or other pages you have created in Facebook to promote your products.

Step #3: Decide Your Advertising Goal

If you want to increase your presence in social media, then select ‘Get More Page Likes’ that will direct fans to your Facebook page. Or select ‘Promote Page Posts’ if you want to promote certain post/ posts on Facebook.

Step #4: Design Your Ad

Write the headline, a compelling product description and insert a thumbnail photograph for your product.

Step #5: Target Audience

You can target specific users by location, zip codes, age, gender, interests, relationship status, languages spoken, etc. You get the chance to narrow down or broaden your audience as you want.

Step #6: Name, Pricing and Schedule

Next, these are to be set for your ad campaign. Tell Facebook about your intended budget. Payment is either per click or per thousand impressions or for a specific volume of reach to potential customers.

Step #7: Payment

After submitting the ad, you can make payment via credit card, PayPal or Facebook Ad coupon. You will have to get confirmation from facebook for your payment method.

Step #8: Monitor Campaign

Through the Ads Manager Tool you can monitor the progress of your ad campaign.

Step #9: Generate Report

You can assess and compare ads through the Reports tab and get an insight into ad campaigns.

Step #10: Manage Your Ads

You can change the settings and target audience if an ad is under performing.

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