Where to get content to the site

First you need to think of what the area will cover your website and search in the internet sites on this topic. Having read them, you need to make a list of sections and topics that you like on those sites. Next, create the site structure and begin to fill the site content. Here is when the fun begins – of course write articles dealing funny, but at times boring.

Therefore, we consider what are the general ways of creating content:

  • Write articles yourself – the best, but tired.
  • To steal from someone else’s article site – easy, but plagiarism, although you can try, especially if the author is still.
  • Taking someone else’s article, posting back links to the author’s site – usually works and does not require a lot of time.
  • Use the services of copywriters – if you have money, you can find trained people who write very good article for money.
  • Create a doorway – bad of course, but if you want – why not. Doorway, in one of its manifestations, can be represented as a so-called Link farm, which is nothing more than a page is filled with an excessive number of outbound links.
  • Create a program online – if you are a programmer, then why not.

And in general a good idea to create a content that is generated by the users themselves, and it slightly moderate. The most optimal cost of time and effort, it can be a variety of forums, directories, guest books, etc., to which the Internet there are plenty of ready-made and free scripts – in short, write, write and write.

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Title, Description and Keywords

Language Html, on which is written the majority of Internet sites, was developed in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. The title tag, meta description tags and keywords – an integral part of the programming language. The above tags tell the search engine robot:

  • 1. What is the title of these html-pages (tag title)?
  • 2. What content in the given html-pages (tag description)?
  • 3. What keyword search engine could rank this html-page (tag keywords)?

In the early 90s of the last century tag title, description and keywords facilitate the search engines work to identify the most relevant search queries web pages. However, did not last long. The Internet is evolving, becoming more sites, between them there was competition for getting into the top 10.

Some webmasters decide that all means are good fight and began to apply for promotion of their websites unscrupulous methods. Namely – spam by keywords meta tags, description and keywords. For a time, this method worked, and such sites are in the top 10. And it was not always the best sites.

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Influence of outbound links to sites positions

Links to your life or what other sites, called Outbound links. About them we will talk in this article. Moreover – incidentally give advice about how to properly put links that would not ring out in the ban of search engines.

The first thing to dispel a common myth regarding the outgoing links, for many novice optimizers, having heard about the fact that going from their links may lead to negative consequences, striving to avoid reference to the good sites that have, at least, wrong.

Often, you can hear about the statement of this nature – “Outbound links to other resources – is not good.” The reasons for this statement, it appears that as many as three:

  •      1. Referring to someone, I create needlessly leak Google PageRank (PR – the algorithm by which Google determines the link popularity of the resource);
  •      2. Referring to someone, I weakens the position of the site in search results for keywords;
  •     3. Referring to someone, I lose visitors svogo site since They go to these links to other resources.

As an alternative to combat these plagues, offers tips that are designed to protect the webmaster, for example – are as follows:

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External links to the site

The usefulness of inbound links has been said a lot, but try to give a small output in the form of a set of methods, how and where they can get hold of.

So. The first place where it is expedient to place links to your site – it’s guest book. You can use a special program that will place your link in the set Guestbook, and you can do this by yourself. The problem here is that the placement of back links in guest books have become a very popular business and state of the art shows that they are often overwhelmed with all bullshit, allegedly Viagra, etc. Therefore, the value of such guestbooks falls and they are closed, and with them disappear and links among them will be yours.

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Meta tags in SEO

Meta tags – are special tags of HTML, designed for that would indicate the subject of a particular web page. Meta tags are not displayed by the browser, and not visible to the user, but their presence in your HTML code is designed to target the search engine, like, tell her – this page about it.

It is well known that the above value of meta tags and search engines have lost, to put it mildly, pay attention to them only indirectly. But despite this – Meta tags are part of the latest version of the html language and a ban on their use imposed no.

Therefore, competent html document must contain competent meta tags.

There is another reason for which it is desirable to use them. Let’s say your document does not contain a tag title. On the search result is, of course, will not affect, but you can get hold of some hemorrhoids and here’s what it will be – the search engine itself assigns the name of your document on the basis of the content of the page’s content.

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Headlines in SEO

The correct spelling of titles and their positioning on the page – another trick that deserves the full attention of the webmaster. Let’s talk about how to write them correctly.  Firstly, the header should be short and simple.

Three words – perfect. Should not be abused in the text incomprehensible words that can cause another associative array of the visitor of your site.

We go further – often, people do not read the word letter by letter, and sees it as a single character. This is due to its frequent coined by since Eyes accustomed to the order of the letters, and not building a chain that folds into the floor. Therefore, compound words, which are not obscheupotreblyaemymi and are therefore not perceived as described above, it is better not to use. Of course, much depends on the site’s content, and it may be that you need to use it “difficult” word – everything is in your hands, but ignore the simple words are not worth it!

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How to choose the right font for your site?

When making your site, you must give due consideration to the choice of font or fonts. Most people visit the web resources to get information through reading, so you need to make the process as comfortable as possible.

What are the nuances of using fonts? It is believed that the use of a variety of different fonts on one site could shoot down, confuse the reader, and if you use only one of them, the site may seem boring and bland.

The optimal solution to use two main fonts is  when you make a site. One use for the header, and the other – for the main text. Thus, the user will be easy to distinguish the headers from the text when viewing, and the site look more complete.

For the title, for example, you can use the font Verdana, and for the main textArial, or other options. However, keep in mind that not necessarily a font that you have installed on your computer correctly displayed on the user’s computer. If the same font is not installed in the reader, it does display any alternative to your font or default.

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How to speed up indexing your site by search engines?

Recently, the forums Webmaster increased the number of those asking for help in speeding up the indexing sites, because the standard methods page can get to the index if it meets the requirements of the search engines for a month or two.

The assigned task
To speed up indexing your new page of the  site by searching bot to 5-30 minutes. It is important to note that the earlier page with unique content will be in the index, the less likely that this very unique text can borrow lovers free texts.

Methods for solving the problemPing Service

1. Send a URL page address in the ping services. The concept of “Ping” has several interpretations, but in our case, the term refers to sending some signals with the help of special services, which in turn translates these signals most search engines, while the latter sees the need for indexing/reindexing the site and send your bot to the specified URL.

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What is Open Directory Project (DMOZ) and why it is important for the promotion of the site?

Open Directory Project – one of the largest catalogs of electronic resources. Above it employs more than 7,000 volunteers.
Other names of Open Directory Project is DMOZ or ODP.

Interest webmaster to Open Directory Project is likely to focus on the desire to add to there website and increase thus its “visibility” and the number of users who visit it.

Of course, you can simply add a site in the search engine index any, and to finish this promotion – but for a good result resource must be in “good standing” at the 2-3-known search engines (SE).

Why do we tell you about DMOZ?   The fact that this – free system, and get, though it takes time, but simply. Workers of directory – regular users.

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Wayin started a search on content of social networks

Company Wayin, owned by Martech, announced the launch of the search engine on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Wayin was founded in 2010. A company is specialized on a help to the brands in the reflection of relevant social content on different channels that is present in their order : in news translations, on web-sites or monitors into shops.

New service offers to the companies  the ability to search social content relating to them, real-time and analysis of the results, assorted on a location, sex of users and period of time. An instrument represents the moods and context, related to social content, also.

“Currently, social networks contain so much information that digital marketers working with social media, it is often difficult to find relevant content when it is needed, and to act in a timely manner,” – said CEO Wayin Elaine Feeney  in a release.

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