How to choose the right font for your site?

When making your site, you must give due consideration to the choice of font or fonts. Most people visit the web resources to get information through reading, so you need to make the process as comfortable as possible.

What are the nuances of using fonts? It is believed that the use of a variety of different fonts on one site could shoot down, confuse the reader, and if you use only one of them, the site may seem boring and bland.

The optimal solution is to use two main fonts when you make a site. One use for the header, and the other – for the main text. Thus, the user will be easy to distinguish the headers from the text when viewing, and the site look more complete.

For the title, for example, you can use the font Verdana, and for the main textArial, or other options. However, keep in mind that not necessarily a font that you have installed on your computer correctly displayed on the user’s computer. If the same font is not installed in the reader, it does display any alternative to your font or default.

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How to speed up indexing your site by search engines?

Recently, the forums Webmaster increased the number of those asking for help in speeding up the indexing sites, because the standard methods page can get to the index if it meets the requirements of the search engines for a month or two.

The assigned task
To speed up indexing your new page of the  site by searching bot to 5-30 minutes. It is important to note that the earlier page with unique content will be in the index, the less likely that this very unique text can borrow lovers free texts.

Methods for solving the problemPing Service

1. Send a URL page address in the ping services. The concept of “Ping” has several interpretations, but in our case, the term refers to sending some signals with the help of special services, which in turn translates these signals most search engines, while the latter sees the need for indexing/reindexing the site and send your bot to the specified URL.

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What is Open Directory Project (DMOZ) and why it is important for the promotion of the site?

Open Directory Project - one of the largest catalogs of electronic resources. Above it employs more than 7,000 volunteers.
Other names of Open Directory Project is DMOZ or ODP.

Interest webmaster to Open Directory Project is likely to focus on the desire to add to there website and increase thus its “visibility” and the number of users who visit it.

Of course, you can simply add a site in the search engine index any, and to finish this promotion – but for a good result resource must be in “good standing” at the 2-3-known search engines (SE).

Why do we tell you about DMOZ?   The fact that this – free system, and get, though it takes time, but simply. Workers of directory – regular users.

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Wayin started a search on content of social networks

Company Wayin, owned by Martech, announced the launch of the search engine on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Wayin was founded in 2010. A company is specialized on a help to the brands in the reflection of relevant social content on different channels that is present in their order : in news translations, on web-sites or monitors into shops.

New service offers to the companies  the ability to search social content relating to them, real-time and analysis of the results, assorted on a location, sex of users and period of time. An instrument represents the moods and context, related to social content, also.

“Currently, social networks contain so much information that digital marketers working with social media, it is often difficult to find relevant content when it is needed, and to act in a timely manner,” – said CEO Wayin Elaine Feeney  in a release.

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John Mueller : Panda does not punish websites for duplicate meta descriptions and title tags

During the next videoconference specialist of quality of Google search John Mueller  said that the presence of duplicate title tags and meta descriptions on the website does not lead to problems associated with the quality of search on Google. In particular, these sites are not covered by the algorithm “Panda”.

According to him, in essence, duplicate title tags and other meta tags do not indicate the quality of the search. He added: “The presence of duplicate title tags and meta tags does not mean that your site has quality problems.” Instead, Google pay more attention to the overall quality of the site.

John Mueller  recommended to remove duplication, if it is. In this case, the expert noted that it will not affect the assessment of the quality of the site Google. He said this at the 46-minute video conference:

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DARPA is developing a search engine for “shadow” Internet

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a new search engine that is designed to provide search for the hidden content in the so-called “shadow” of the Internet. The project, called Memex, now employs 17 independent development teams.

The head of the project Dr. Chris White main problem of traditional search engine that tries to solve the developers called generics approach to the Internet, in which search results are based on rankings and consumer advertising.

As is known, conventional search engines like Google and Bing, able to index only 5% of all Internet.

Memex should cover the content of millions of resources, ignored by commercial search engines, as well as thousands of undocumented websites operating in Tor-networks, which allow to establish anonymous connections and access blocked Internet censorship information.

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Where to get a unique picture?

Good afternoon, dear readers of !

Almost every webmaster that behaves to the websites seriously and wants to score a success, care of that text was unique. In fact exactly unique text, the searching systems index very quickly. However, by posting unique articles, we often forget about the fact that search engines have long learned to recognize the uniqueness of images as well as text.

And Google and Yandex there are a bunch of boats, one of which, and perhaps even more, defines the uniqueness of images. How he does it, by no means, I do not know.

I can only assume that the bot parses the image pixel by determining the number of repetitions for all indexed pictures, the same pixel at a certain location in the image. Whatever it was, the search engines are able to clearly define the uniqueness of images. And therefore, we should not forget about it by posting pictures on their websites.

But where do we get a unique picture?

  1. Create a unique image can each. Suffice it to apply filters, add copyright, something to cut and paste the picture, which is already a long time ago is in the index of search engines and is   non-unique. Of course, this method can not achieve 100% unique pictures, but still it can be used.
  2. Draw yourself from “scratch”. A good way to get 100% unique picture, however, should be able to draw beautifully. At least in Photoshop.
  3. Make the photos by youself. This unique way to get the image just fine, but is not suitable for any site, because the picture must be suitable for tematichnosti to the article.
  4. Take advantage of special photobanks . Effort on the budget, but for without problems.
  5. Order picture to freelancer or designer. Doubly effort on budget.
  6. The documents of the social network Facebook, you can find electronic journals in PDF format and the “pull” of these pictures.

Finally, you find the desired image, you should still check for uniqueness. This service will help us to verify the uniqueness of images Tineye.Com. All elementary simple, download and check.

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Facebook began to assess the relevance of advertising

Facebook announced the launch of Relevance Score (RS) for advertisements. Innovation designed to improve the quality of advertising on the basis of the company’s social platform.

Like Google, Facebook is based on the rate and relevance to determine which ads to be shown to a specific user.

New indicator – an assessment of compliance of the advertisement target audience. According to the company, the introduction of RS is beneficial for both users and advertisers. Better advertising will be more interesting to the audience, is more effective in terms of marketing and, ultimately, bring more revenue Facebook.

Relevance Score will be calculated on the basis of positive and negative feedback that ad will receive from the target audience. The more positive interactions it receives, the higher will be its RS.

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Google: there is no «white list”, which will save the site from the influence of Panda or Penguin

Specialist of Google Search Quality for working with webmasters John Mueller (John Mueller) said on the video-meeting in Google+, that Google does not provide any “white lists”, which would list the characteristics of sites, guaranteeing not hit by the algorithms Penguin or Panda:

“For the most part, we do not have any special” white list “, which indicates that this site is really all right, so that the action of the algorithm it should not be distributed.

Thus, for the major search algorithms we do not create such a specification, but for some specific algorithms, we need to be able to sanctions in manual mode …

For example, the safe search algorithm that determines adult sites when the site is similar to the adult, but in fact contains information about animals or something else – and Menno in such cases helps “white list”.

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Facebook launches new way of selling goods in Facebook Groups

Facebook introduced a new option «Sell» in Facebook Groups. Innovation is intended to  facilitate group members «For Sale»  adding announcements of sale of goods. A new option allows users to create a publication in which it will be possible to add a description of the goods, specify the price, location and method of delivery.

To date, the social network has tens of millions of different groups of users around the unifying diverse interests. Groups «For sale» – one of the most popular categories. Participants in these groups are using Facebook as an alternative to local services for the sale of goods; or eBay – for the implementation of rare goods or of consumer goods, such as books or electronics.

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